Friday, January 27, 2012

Every Beginning Has an End


This past fall has flown by, and I now find myself cherishing my last few days as the current Miss Auburn University. I have been reflecting on what I have gained from my year of service and what I have been able to give back as a result. I have met some amazing people throughout this journey, but I'd first like to reflect on some of my last endeavors as Miss AU 2011.

The Miss AU Cookbook has been a huge success! There have been about 200 cookbooks sold, and the donation amount for the East Alabama Food Bank is sure to be substantial. I am overjoyed to conclude my year of service with a fundraising event for my personal platform, Food for Thought: Domestic Hunger Awareness, that will benefit citizens around the southeast Alabama area. My hope is that those who have purchased and will purchase the book will reach for it when preparing a meal, and they will reflect on those who are suffering from domestic hunger. It is easy to forget that there are people suffering from such a serious issue when one does not struggle with hunger themselves. And in return for their awareness and inspired activism, the funds raised from the Miss AU Cookbook will help the East Alabama Food Bank provide food for those who are in need. I am pictured below with the directors of the Beat Bama Food Drive, Aubie, and the president of the Committee of 19, the leading War on Hunger group at Auburn. All of these fellow students were extremely helpful in promoting the book!

In my efforts to spread the word about the cookbook, I led a cooking class on Auburn's campus where I prepared two wonderful recipes from the book: Chicken Chili and Texas Guacamole. Although I'm not nearly a professional cook, I enjoy cooking (especially for others), so leading this class was right up my alley! In addition to preparing some of the recipes, I also hosted a cookbook signing at the AU Bookstore. They were kind enough to purchase several books to sell in their store, and I felt like a celebrity for a day as I signed copies and posed for pictures. After all of these efforts, the cookbook sales, as I mentioned before, were so successful! 

I was also able to participate in the Miss Alabama Top Ten fashion show in December. We modeled some wardrobe items from the Clothes Tree, Gus Mayer, and Ann Northington. I had a wonderful time feeling like a model for the day, and getting my hair and makeup done was definitely a treat!! It was exciting to see Courtney Porter, Miss Alabama 2011, and her wardrobe for Miss America! In case you did not see the Miss America pageant, Courtney did a wonderful job by making it into the Top 13 and being the contestant's choice. And, of course, I enjoyed seeing some Miss Alabama contestants again- that week of competition really brings you together.

I also supported the Auburn Tigers at the Chick-fil-A bowl as a majorette with the Auburn University Marching Band this New Year's Eve. It was a great game, and an Auburn win makes everything that nut better (War Eagle)! 

As my year of service is winding down and as I prepare to crown the new Miss Auburn University, I cannot help but feel grateful. I will remember these memories and experiences for the rest of my life, and I will never forget the generosity of so many: sponsors, the Miss AU directors, the Division of Student Affairs, fellow students, SGA, mock interview judges, my friends, and my family.

After I have passed on the crown, my fight against domestic hunger will continue. As I explore different outlets and remain involved in hunger organizations and the hunger studies curriculum, I know that my passion will be strengthened even further. I consider it an honor to have been able to serve the university that I love at such a high level, and I have full confidence that Miss AU 2012 will do the same.

With Love and War Eagle,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking Up a Way to Fight Hunger!


When I left you last, the Miss AU Cookbook was in the works, Miss AU interest sessions had arrived, and fall was just getting started. So much has happened since then and I have so many updates for all of you!

A few weeks ago, we had Hunger Week at Auburn University. This is where the Committee of 19, the leading War on Hunger organization, holds numerous events to raise awareness about hunger and raise canned goods for the Beat Bama Food Drive. I have been speaking at the student engineering organizations to promote the connection between engineering and hunger as well as speaking to freshman orientation classes. I was also able to be a part of the press conference kicking off the food drive as well as the silent auction at the AU Hotel. It was quite a busy week, but I feel confident that we got a lot of students thinking about food insecure individuals in a different way.

I really enjoyed promoting this amazing cause since it is extremely close to my heart. It is not only a personal platform, it's a lifelong passion and commitment. These endeavors aren't only lasting one week- we are always sparking awareness among Auburn University students and the surrounding areas. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing group! Hunger Week was a huge success, and I am sure that the Beat Bama Food Drive will be as well. Don't forget to donate if you haven't already! Donations are accepted through November 22nd, so gather up some non perishable food items and drop them off at the locations around campus and the community! If you aren't local resident, you can go online and donate monetarily to the food drive! Just follow this link ( and find a way that you can participate. Let's Beat Bama again and beat hunger at the same time!

The Miss AU interest sessions were a success and we are now gearing up for the mandatory meeting this coming Tuesday, November 1st at 7 pm in SC room 2326. If you are interested in becoming the next Miss Auburn University, you must attend this meeting are receive all the needed information. I cannot wait to see everyone there and meet our Miss AU 2012 contestants!

This past Monday I was able to help out with a UPC (University Program Council) Project Runway Fashion show. I served as the emcee and had a great time seeing not only some great boutique looks, but some student looks as well. These talented AU students designed and created their outfits themselves and showed them down a runway to be judged. As always, I was impressed with the creativity and passion of our students- they always amaze me (and I really want some of the pieces they showed!!).

Miss AU Cookbooks are now on sale!! All recipes were submitted by Auburn students, faculty, and fans across the country.

Purchase a copy of Cooking With Miss Auburn University and help
alleviate domestic hunger in the community. Emilee Williams, Miss Auburn
University 2011, was inspired to fight hunger after volunteering at a
local food bank and soon after chartered her movement of Food for
Thought: Domestic Hunger Awareness. Please use this order form ( to purchase 
a copy of the cookbook. All proceeds from the Miss Auburn University cookbook 
will be donated to local hunger initiatives. Please contact Emilee at for more information. Thank you for your support
 of this cause, as well as of the Auburn family. War Eagle!

I am so excited that they are now available for purchase! I have included the link to the order form on this post. Click the link and you will find the order form on the Miss AU website. Simply print it out, complete the required information, and send it in to the address specified. I am even personalizing the books if you would like! If you are in the Auburn area, you can find the books at the AU Bookstore and at both J & M locations. Each cookbook purchased will help fight hunger and provide a meal for those suffering from food insecurity. Thank you for your support so far, and be sure to pick one up for yourself, your friends, and your families. The holidays are right around the corner!

I am looking forward to bringing you more updates on the cookbook and how much has been raised for local hunger initiatives!

With Love & War Eagle,

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Miss AU Info Sessions


I have some exciting news for any young ladies interested in becoming Miss Auburn University 2012! We are holding a few information sessions next week to answer any of your questions and to provide some details regarding the pageant. The dates and times are:

Tuesday, October 11th
7:00 in Student Center Room 2225

Wednesday, October 12th
2:00 in Student Center Room 2225

Thursday, October 13th
7:00 in Student Center Room 2222

Attend one of these info sessions to learn more about becoming the next Miss Auburn University! And please let me know if you have any questions (

On that note, I can't believe my year of service is winding down in just 4 short months!! I am already so thrilled for the next young woman to be crowned Miss AU and for the journey that she will take. Before I pass on my crown, I still have some legacies to leave as Miss AU 2011.

Which brings me to the Miss AU Cookbook! Cooking With Miss AU: Treats for the Auburn Family will be available for purchase very soon. Thank you all so much for your contribution of your favorite family recipes. These will all be included in the book. I will have more details very soon (next week!) regarding the final price and how you can buy a copy!

Be on the look out for those details and share them with your family and friends. Each cookbook sold helps to feed another hungry person!

With Love and War Eagle,

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall Has Arrived!


It is finally fall semester, and my service as Miss Auburn University is in full swing! Now that students are back on campus and the area is bustling more than ever, I am so excited to share my adventures and moments with all of you as I embark on my final full semester as Miss AU.

The beginning of the fall is kicked off most appropriately with Welcome Week, an effort to make many events and opportunities open to students, especially new ones. I was able to participate with a few Welcome Week events and do my part in making this experience memorable.

My first appearance was at the War Eagle T-shirt Exchange where students could trade in another college or university shirt for a brand new Auburn University shirt. We had a lot of fun updating our fellow students' Auburn t-shirt collection and also equipping some freshman with one of their first Auburn shirts. When the first t-shirt that was exchanged was an Alabama shirt, we knew we had already done our job! All of these collected shirts were then donated to tornado victims in our state. This creative event was tons of fun- a great mix of helping others, meeting new people, and welcoming others into the Auburn family!

Next on the list was the Block Party. Food, fun, and a DJ completed the atmosphere and encouraged students to mingle and get to know some new faces and new organizations on campus. I had the pleasure of performing my talent routine from Miss Alabama for all the attendees. I always enjoy performing for others, and this was no exception! Afterwards, I was able to take part in some of the festivities and meet some new faces as well!

I cannot describe how much I love our student talent shows! That Saturday night, I emceed the Tiger Talent Show as the crowd was able to enjoy some unique and impressive talents displayed by our fellow students. I love seeing the obvious hard work and dedication that must be involved with each act. Emceeing was a blast as I was able to introduce and provide some background for each contestant, introduce some talented student organizations as they provided some exhibition performances, and even dance on stage with Aubie!

On Sunday, I was invited to speak at 100 Women Strong, an engineering luncheon for freshman female engineering students. I enjoyed sharing my message of hard work and passion as I encouraged these students to look beyond the work on their page to the real life impact and difference their vision and creativity can make. Since I had been exactly in their shoes two years ago and since I have a wonderful and strong engineering role model (my Aunt Cathy is the Public Works Director for Asheville, NC), I felt equipped to share my heart and my story with these young women. Nothing much compares to opportunities like this one. The students who approached me afterwards affirming my message brought so much more inspiration and light into my day and my perspective. Sharing your strength with others is incredibly powerful and worthwhile!

 Remember that recipes are still being accepted for the Miss AU Cookbook with all proceeds going to the East Alabama Food Bank! You can submit your recipe online at
 Become a part of this cookbook made by the Auburn family, for the Auburn family, and benefiting those suffering from hunger around us!

With Love and War Eagle!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Miss AU Cook Book!


I am so excited for the launch of the preparation for the Miss Auburn University Cook Book! All proceeds from the book will go to the East Alabama Food Bank in support of my personal platform, Food for Thought: Domestic Hunger Awareness, and towards the alleviation of hunger in our local area!

I would love to have your recipe contribution. Just visit and fill out the form to have your recipe used in the cook book this fall! Be a part of the hunger fighting movement and help me alleviate domestic hunger while supporting the Auburn family!

I am looking forward to sharing some more details soon about ordering your cook book- stay tuned for updates! 

With Love and War Eagle,

Sunday, July 17, 2011

War Eagle!


This past week was filled with so many Auburn University spirited events. It was time again for members of the SGA and other students to re-paint the tiger paws down Donahue Drive and on Toomer's Corner. Each year a team of dedicated students diligently touch up the orange tiger paws guiding driver's to Jordan Hare Stadium. I had a blast being a part of this team, and luckily did not get orange paint all over myself. It was a lot a fun to drive past these areas the next morning and see the result of the hours of hard work put into this project.

 A group of students are pictured above re-painting the big tiger paw at the intersection of Donahue and Samford. We were out until nearly midnight, so we were definitely lagging by the last stretch of road! Take a drive down Donahue and admire our handy work!!

An afternoon with Aubie is always a good time! I had my photo shoot this week for the 2012 Aubie calendar. I have the pleasure of being featured with Aubie himself for the month of February. Of course, we had many different poses and ideas, and the final one will be presented in the next Aubie calendar. Be sure to pick up a copy and check it out!

And the week could not have been complete without a performance at the last Camp War Eagle pep rally of the year. I performed my Miss Alabama baton routine to "Conga" for the entering freshman and camp counselors. It seemed very fitting since I performed at the first CWE pep rally of the summer. I always have a great time performing for the student body, and I am thrilled for fall to arrive so I can begin performing with the Auburn University Marching Band on Pat Dye field with the other 15 Auburn majorettes!

I'm looking forward to bringing you more updates as fall draws closer and my final semester as Miss Auburn University 2011 approaches.

With Love  & War Eagle,

Friday, June 17, 2011

Miss Alabama: 90 Years of Excellence


The past month or so has been a complete whirlwind! I last left you all after Miracle Friday at the Columbus Regional Hospital, and I feel as though that was a lifetime ago!

My first appearance at the Miss Alabama pageant was completely unforgettable, but the weeks before the pageant were filled with hard work, practice, mock interviews, and continuous appearances. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by the most loving and supportive friends, family, and mentors. The numerous mock interviews and those who thought of the most difficult and tricky questions greatly prepared me for my Miss Alabama interview. It felt as though the entire process was a conversation rather than a stressful interview environment.

I also got a lot of practice with my twirling routine for the talent portion of the pageant, which is in my opinion, the most fun aspect of the experience! I performed at a baton recital with the Shelby Starlets in Alabaster, at Richland Elementary School in Auburn for their talent show, and at a Camp War Eagle pep rally for AU's incoming freshman! All of these experiences enhanced an aspect of my routine and gave me the opportunity to perform in front of all kinds of people. I am pictured below (just after performing) with one of the student's at the Shelby Starlet baton recital who has on an Auburn orange uniform!!

After preparing so extensively for all aspects of competition, there was still one daunting task in front of me- packing!! I had begun packing about a week or so before I actually departed for Birmingham becuase I was so worried about forgetting something for my first time at Miss Alabama! After countless lists and double, triple, and quadruple checks, I loaded up my car and met my family in Birmingham the night before I moved in to the AD Pi house at Samford.

Throughout Sunday and Monday, I stayed on top of the news and continued preparing for my interview on Tuesday afternoon. In between rehearsals, all of us either napped on the floor of the auditorium or studied notes quietly- these two days were filled with anticipation and excitement for me! I was looking forward to my interview so much that when Tuesday arrived, there was not a bit of me that was nervous. I was excited:
 excited to meet these judges; excited to share myself with them; and excited for my hard work to pay off!

Not only did my interview go smoothly, I had fun in the process!! That became my goal for the week. Apart from wanting to become Miss Alabama, I wanted to learn, grow, and have fun!

After interviews, preliminary competition began! I began with evening gown on Wednesday night. It was a stress-free area of competition to begin my first night of my first Miss Alabama pageant with. I enjoyed the night and of course, performing and being on stage! And finally, I got to see my family and supporters that night after the show had ended. I am pictured above with my two sweer cousins who were my bigest fans! After several rounds of hugs, we departed again for the dorms.

Thursday night was talent and Friday night was swimsuit and onstage questions, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed and grew from each aspect of these days. I had let go of my worries and concerns and simply performed the best that I could. These days flew by, and before I knew it, Saturday had arrived.

I woke up that morning compeltely aware of what the day held. The luncheon was amazing and it was so enlightening to hear some past Miss Alabama's speak- I became overwhelmed with the love encircling all of us that day. The picture below is of my Aunt Cathy and myself at the luncheon. It would be the last time that I would be around this particular group of special young women and be able to enjoy the dynamic that we all felt. The new Miss Alabama was going to be crowned tonight. There would be surprises and there would be hurt feelings, and everyone was very nervous and unsure. But I was thankful with however the night played out.

This journey all began when I stepped out on a limb and explored a different side of myself. And it all started with a passion for learning, for serving others, and for the state that I love. Whatever was to happen that night was fine with me- I was already proud of myself!

When my name was called for the Top Ten finalists, I think I could have fainted from happiness! There were areas of my competition that I knew I could improve upon, and all I wanted was the opporutnity to do so. I wanted the opporunity to leave it all on the stage and know for a fact that I had done my very best.

And that is exactly what I did! I had an amazing night and enjoyed every second of it. None of it was taken for granted, and I know that the knowledge and tools that Saturday night gave me will supplement my actions in all areas of my life- it can only be described as unforgettable.

I could not have cheered any louder for the new Miss Alabama 2011, Courtney Porter! She represents such a brave and comforting spirit and will make a wonderful Miss Alabama. Her positive attitude and uplifting outlook only contributed to the energy of the week.

I am looking forward to a slightly calmer next couple of weeks of visiting with my family (above is a picture of my cousin and I the day after the pageant had ended) and some upcoming appearances as Miss Auburn University and being able to implement all I have learned from this past week into real life!

With Love & War Eagle,